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A Brief Guide To Preparing Water Heater For Fall Season

Temperatures and leaves begin to drop during the fall and starts giving you a slight reminder that winter is just around the corner. To keep the water hot throughout the season, the water heart has to work harder. To make sure its efficiency, here are a few simple maintenance tips.

  1. To get rid of any sediments, flush out some water through it. Sediments can lead to reduced efficiency, corrosion as well as shortening the life span of the water heater.
  2. To experience the optimal performance, make sure to keep the water heater temperature setting at 120o
  3. Fit the lever to test the pressure release valve on the water heater and allow it to snap back. If functioning adequately, the valve should be permitted to burst of hot water into the drain pipe. Remember, do not miss to consult a plumbing expert prior performing this test.

Not only this, however, water hoses and outdoor spigots should also be inspected thoroughly so that you get prepared for the period of hibernation efficiently. If you are not sure what to perform and where to start from, feel free to get connected with a professional plumber in your area.