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How often should I go for plumbing inspection? 
Every 5 years or when you buy a previously owned home.  Kwik Plumbing technicians are available 24/7 for all kinds of plumbing inspections.

Should I have my gas lines inspected?
Gas lines are inspected upon installation. Gas lines don’t require additional inspection unless there is some damage due to an accident or earthquake.  Our qualified Kwik Plumbing technicians are available 24/7 to solve emergency plumbing issues.

Sometimes I hear a high pitch sound coming from my pipes, should I be concerned?
Yes that can be a problem.  Have a qualified plumber inspect your pipes.  Kwik Plumbing has experienced and skilled technicians available 24/7 to rapidly identify your plumbing issues.

Why does my plumbing rattle?
When water lines come in contact with the wood of your floor joists, rattling can be expected.  This can be easily solved by properly protecting your water lines and separating them from the joists.  Kwik Plumbing has skilled technicians available 24/7 to offer repair and maintenance services.

Why water temperature changes when a toilet is flushed or another water appliance in the house is running?
This is because your current pipes may not have sufficient volume and pressure to run numerous fixtures all at once.  The experts at Kwik Plumbing can help you by inspecting the problem and providing solution for it.

My water bill is high; Is it due to some plumbing problem?
Leaky faucets and / or pipes can be the problem, but most of the times, toilet tanks account for approximately 90% of residential plumbing leaks.  These leaks are due to worn parts or improper part alignment.  Kwik Plumbing plumbers can help you in detecting the leakage and fix it perfectly to face similar problem in future.

Why is my water pressure low?
There may be several reasons than can result in low water pressure. These include deposits in pipes, crimped water line, a blocked or faulty valve, leaks, etc.  Our Kwik Plumbing experts can quickly identify and resolve your plumbing problems.

When I experience a small clog I use drain cleaners.  Are they safe for my pipes?
Continuous use of drain cleaners can result in some damage to pipes and if you are using them regularly there may be a fundamental problem that should be inspected by a plumber to avoid a big problem in the future. Always read the directions on the bottles as the chemicals can be very unsafe or even fatal.  Never combine different drain cleaners as chemical reactions can occur causing unsafe or deadly fumes.  Kwik Plumbing has qualified technicians available 24/7 to help you unblock your drains and find out any potential plumbing issues.

What should I do prepare my plumbing for the winter season?
You need to get the exposed pipes insulated properly to avoid cold weather related plumbing problems.  Kwik Plumbing experts are available 24/7 to answer your questions and help you with preventative maintenance.

How should I prepare my plumbing when I go on vacation?
As a preventative measure, it is suggested that you should shut off water and gas supplies. If there are any such queries related to plumbing, Kwik Plumbing is always there to answer them.

My toilet gets clogged more frequently.  What should I do?
An inspection is required to find out the real problem.  The problem may be a result of a problem with your sewage line that should be solved without delay to avoid an expensive emergency situation in the future.  Even if your toilet old or not functioning properly, Kwik Plumbing can help you choose a toilet model that is right for your lifestyle and budget.

How do I know if I need sump pump?
If the fixture outlet in your home is beneath the sewer line, a sump pump should be considered.  Kwik Plumbing has experts available 24/7 to check your property and talk about options to avoid future emergencies.

What is instant hot water?
Instant hot water is a hot water recirculation system that repeatedly circulates hot water throughout your home, without wasting water while you wait for hot water to turn up.  Hot water recirculation systems can be installed in new and old homes, save water, energy and money by eliminating water waste.  Kwik Plumbing is dedicated to protecting the environment and our experts can help you select solutions that are perfect for your home and lifestyle.

I am confused what size water heater should I buy for my home?
The size of the water heater depends on how many hot water outlets there are in your home.  For example:  a 40-50 gallon heater is sufficient for a two bath home.  The experts at Kwik Plumbing can help you decide the water heater that fit your home and lifestyle.

What temperature should I set for my water heater?
To avoid serious tap water burns, 120° F is recommended.  If you have children, disabled or aged individuals in your house, you may require to set your water heater thermostat lower to prevent potential problems.