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How To Keep Plumbing Issues At Bay?

There are numerous things to do so as to keep plumbing issues at bay. Here are some promising considerations that will certainly work wonders.

Fixing leaks immediately – If you notice a leaky faucet be sure to fix it right away. Waiting to do so could result in possible water damage and higher water bills. Also that drip noise never any fun to listen to.

Water usage – Did you know that you can easily save money by changing some of your water usage habits?

Conserve water and money by doing some or all of the following:

  1. Turning off the faucet when brushing your teeth.
  2. Run the dishwasher only when it’s full.
  3. Take 5 minute showers.
  4. Flush only when the toilet contains solid waste.
  5. Clean your laundry in economy mode or only with cold water.

Update your bathroom – Updates such as replacing older faucets or shower heads can have a significant impact on your bathrooms utility and can lower your water bill.

Use the garbage disposal properly – Avoid putting fibrous foods such as celery, corn husks, onions as well as egg shells, potato peels, and coffee beans. Run water while you are using the disposal.

Perform annual pipe inspections – It is wise to mark down a quarterly pipe inspection on your calendar. Check for leaks or signs of water damage under sinks, in your basement, under your water heater, and in your crawl space if you have one. If you find a leak or corrosion on the pipes it would be best to approach a licensed plumbing expert.