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Say No To Plumbing Issues This Spring

April showers bring May flowers and the onset of spring, and since it’s March,  it’s coming close for “spring cleaning.” Here are some maintenance tips to say NO to plumbing issues this Spring:


  1. Pour some water into infrequently used drains to fill the trap and avert odors from entering the house.
  2. Snake slow floor drains to make certain they will carry away water quickly in case of a flood.
  3. Inspect exposed pipes under sinks and in the basement for signs of leaks.
  4. In case of the availability of a sump pump, ensure it functioning by pouring a few buckets of water into the sump pit. It should turn on quickly, discharge the water then shut off without any issue.
  5. If you live in an area where sewers sometimes back up into homes, install a backflow valve in the floor drain. This device will prevent future backups.


  1. Inspect the temperature setting on the water heater.
  2. Carefully drain several gallons from the water heater tank to flush out corrosion causing sediment, which reduces heating efficiency and shortens the life of the heater.
  3. Consider replacing a water heater if more than 15 years old.
  4. Ensure flammables are not stored near the water heater or furnace.
  5. Check dishwasher, washing machine and ice maker supply hoses for bulges or leaks.
  6. Clean out washing machine lint trap, if equipped, and place a wire trap or a piece of pantyhose over the end of the hose that drains the washer.


  1. Check faucets for drips or leaks. Ensure that all drains have strainers to prevent hair, soap and debris from clogging the drain lines.
  2. Check toilets for hidden leaks.
  3. Inspect tank and bowl for cracks or leaks.