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Preventive Maintenance

Kwik Plumbing offers preventive maintenance services in Saratoga for mechanical equipment, heating, cooling, piping and plumbing fixtures for multi-residential and commercial properties. A proper and scheduled preventative maintenance program greatly reduces the risk of equipment failure and minimizes the overall operating cost.

Having a good preventive maintenance plan in place is important for any business or homeowner to avoid large clean up costs and plumbing repair. We understand your home and commercial plumbing are requirements. Our professional certified and licensed plumber inspect the place and make maintenance plan that goes well with exact plumbing needs.

Residential and Commercial Plumbing Preventive Maintenance

Kwik Plumbing Company evaluates all your plumbing, heating and cooling equipments to provide a complete plan of scheduled maintenance.

We offer preventive maintenance services in Saratoga for:

• Air conditioners
• Boiler and steam systems
• Drains
• Furnace
• Garbage disposal
• Hot water heater
• Sewage stations
• Sump pump repair services

Our certified plumber will conduct full inspection, scheduled as per your convenience. With all information of the pipes, drains and equipment, our experts will come up with comprehensive solutions. So, stop problems before they begin and avoid unnecessary expenses with preventive maintenance. Call us at (408) 913-0500 for free estimates.