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Signs That Show The Presence Of Hard Water At Home

There are some fortunate homeowners who never get to experience hard water in their home. However, the ones who live in a hard water zone, it can be amongst the most frustrating plumbing concerns. Hard water is tap water with an abnormally high mineral content.

Minerals such as aluminum, iron, magnesium and calcium can give water attributes that make it unpleasant for drinking, inappropriate for washing and damaging to household plumbing. Check out for the following revealing signs if you suspect hard water.

Appliance Damage – The mineral deposits will eventually build up on just about everything they touch, resulting in damage that can ruin an appliance. Washing machines, dishwashers and ice makers are the appliances that are often at risk of hard water damage.

Soap Scum – The same as soap sticks to the dishes, it will cling to the shower curtain, tile and bath tub. Soap scum can build up in shower areas with soft water, too. However, hard water will make it accrue quicker.

Dry Skin – The majority of homeowners tend to experience dry skin issues when they shower in homes getting with hard water supply. Hard water always leaves a soapy film behind sin the shower.

Laundry Issues – When it comes to laundry, hard water makes it hard to rinse detergent out of the clothes, and often results prematurely dull bright colors. Moreover, clothes washed in hard water generally give a stiff or scratchy feeling.

So, do you suspect hard water at home? Call a plumbing expert to get a promising solution!